New Clinic Opens in Rome

Our new clinic in Monterotondo Studio Skin specialising in Permanent Make Up, Paramedical Tattoo and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments


Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation)

Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing

Natural pigments are applied within the layers of the skin creating effects for permanent make up, skin, hair and scar camouflage. Beauty and symmetry is added to the natural features enhancing eyebrows, lips and eyes with eyebrows perfectly defined using delicate hair like strokes or stronger powdered effects, lips appear much fuller and pigment restored, eyes defined with the appearance of thicker lashes. Loss of hair through Alopecia can be successfully camouflaged.
Incredibly natural effects can be applied to restore the appearance of the areola following breast surgeries or to replace lost pigment in the area.
Scars can be blended and camouflaged with conditions such as Vitiligo disguised by expert placement of pigment to affected areas. Treatment with Victoria is safe and comfortable with beautiful effects for both male and female clients of all ages.
Effects will fade over time, as with other aesthetics procedures how long the effects last depend on several factors including lifestyle (ie: exposure to high UV exposure), skin type and general health but the average length between treatment and maintenance is 12-18 months. If treated area has not been allowed to fade excessively then maintenance appointments are usually carried out in 1 sitting however if left for longer or allowed to fade prematurely then retouch appointments will likely be required.
Smoking, UV exposure, excessive alcohol intake, use of AHAs and certain conditions/medications will cause premature fading of the treated area. The daily use of minimum SPF30+ is strongly advised to help prevent premature fade.

Aesthetic Treatment

Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic TreatmentsAll skin has different needs and those needs can change over time. Victoria tailors treatment to target areas of concern, such as ageing issues, scarring or acne, utilising a combination of treatment methods including lymphatic massage, revitalisation massage, peels, microcurrent and ultrasound technology dependent on individual concerns in order to obtain excellent results. Products used are highly active, including high strength vitamin serums, growth factors, hyaluronic acid and organic aromatic essential oil products carefully blended by The Aromatherapy Company. Essential oils have long been recognised for their ability to rejuvenate and repair.
Advice can be offered regarding home skin care, diet and lifestyle in order to maintain optimum skin health.

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have been used for centuries to safely remove dead skin cells and increase healthy cell renewal. They rejuvenate and improve the skins appearance, a highly effective way to treat hyperpigmentation and fine lines they also improve skin texture, acne scarring, control lines they also improve skin texture, acne scarring, control breakout and improve hydration. Victoria uses a range of light to medium peels suitable for all skin types



The skins deeper layers are penetrated using tiny needles to safely generate a healing response resulting in production of healthy collagen and elastin.
A very effective treatment for skin, scar and stretch marks. It is used to penetrate high strength actives deeper within the skin to boost results. Topical numbing agents provide a comfortable treatment.


Details of our products and special offers from our forthcoming online store will appear here soon.
We look forward to supplying you all of your beauty care treatments from the comfort of your own home.


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